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Custom Embroidery, digitizing, heat seal or heat pressing, silk screening.  Twill work on sports apparel and simple graphic designs, sewing projects with embroidered and beaded embellishment, digital scrapbooking

We do anywhere from one article up to jobs of hundred of pieces of apparel or accessories. 



Embroidered logos are a Virtual personal endorsement of your product or service.
Embroidered shirts are used to project a positive image – one of success – when you want to be noticed and recognized.  But, it can also project a mood, your environment or a specific need.  Embroidered logos are a more professional way to go when it is your image at stake than using a silk screened or heat sealed logo. What better form of advertising can you find than a walking billboard and one that speaks and can answer questions about your business. This is what happens when you supply your employees with jackets, golf shirts, tshirts,  maybe computer bags and things other logod items.


We have a book of over 5000 predigitized logos that we have on file but also have Access to about 15,000 more.  However, we do specialize in digitizing custom work.  Embroidery has become an art form as well as a highly technical production process.  If you ask 10 different people to digitize a logo you will get 10 completely different renditions of that same logo.  .  I have been digitizing logos for about 10 years now and yearly attend training sessions.  This book shows you some of the work I have done over the years.

Digitizing is basically scanning a logo (from a business card or other media) into a digitizing software program.  Once in the program I have to specifically tell it where each needle point needs to go.  I have to determine which segments need to be laid down first so that other layers can overlap or stand alone.  I have to determine the push pull concept, determine what type of fabric the logo is going on.  It can take up to 20 hours to digitize a logo. 

Heat Seal or Heat Pressing

This is done with a heat press machine like you see on the boardwalk store at the shore.  But instead of using stock transfers, we have your logo made into a transfer.  Depending on the situation this can be a more cost effective than doing embroidery.  The same with silk screening.    Basically heat seal and silk screening look the same.  The difference is that silk screening is done by making a screen that  push ink thru onto the shirt on a very big machine.  It is messy and there is always a charge for each screen for each color.  Silk screening looks awesome but in my opinion it is only good if you do large amounts of shirts at one time.  Heat seals can be made and kept in a box.  All the colors are on the same sheet and it is a one press process.  If you need 3 more shirts at a later date, a silk screener will not set up to do that small amount of shirts but a heat press = this can be done very easily…as a matter of fact, it is done all the time.


Twill Work

Basically this is what you see on the back of hockey jerseys…name and numbers.  Some are one color and the two color numbers and names have to be heat sealed together and sewn with a zig zag stitch.  After that they are heat sealed to the jersey and sewn onto the jersey.

Appliqué Embroidery

Appliques are a fun way to embellish clothing and household items. Different colors and textures in the applique fabric can give the finished product a completely new look. Applique is also a great choice for items and fabrics that are difficult to embroider or can't take the strain of a dense embroidery design and the results can be stunning.

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